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I'm a good audiobook narrator with special talents. I know how to keep the listener engaged and listening for hours. Of course, skill, and talent is key, and then there's the training. And my professional voice training included audiobook narration. One more plus about me - I love to read, and that's an important factor in an audiobook narrator. I have a good grasp on the structure and flow of the novel as well as nonfiction book genres like How-To's, Self Development and Spiritual.

Also, I take the time to really tune in to the flow and energy of the work. I take time to get the author's characters right. In the same way, my job is to translate the author's intentions for their work, and their characters, to the audio narration without changing the author's intent. It is an honor. Together with everything else, I bring style and personality to a read without stepping on the author's intentions for the work. Lastly there's production. My skills are very good which reduces editing time and gets you your book faster. You might find me a great match for narrating your book. Take a few minutes to listen to the samples below.

Audiobook Narrator

Stuck at Start
Krystal DeChamps

Audiobook Narrator

Bethany Boring


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